Would you like to practice or improve your English, your German, your French or another language? Do you speak German (as native or foreign speaker) and think that this is the moment to start with learning Swiss German? Are you interested in learning more about languages, cultures and mentalities? Or do you like meeting new and interesting people from all over the world? If you'd like to be a voluntary moderator of a table in your mother tongue or another language that you know well, please contact ESN Bern. This way we can advertise the language tables that we expect for the current week in advance.


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Language Café - Language Exchange


The Language Café this Semester takes place every second week mainly on Tuesdays and with two exceptions on a Wednesday (for reasons of availability of our location). Since we aren't meeting anymore in a bar, the event is totally free but you can't buy drinks and food in this place. Instead you can bring your own snacks / drinks and ESN Bern might provide as well something every week.

SUB - Haus 
Lechernweg 32 
3012 Bern

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