Would you like to practice or improve your English, your German, your French or another language? Do you speak German (as native or foreign speaker) and think that this is the moment to start with learning Swiss German? Are you interested in learning more about languages, cultures and mentalities? Or do you like meeting new and interesting people from all over the world? If you'd like to be a voluntary moderator of a table in your mother tongue or another language that you know well, please contact ESN Bern. This way we can advertise the language tables that we expect for the current week in advance.


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Language Café - Language Exchange


As you might know, the current "Corona-situation" is changing day by day. We constantly discuss the latest news and keep an eye on the current situation. Therefore, we can not forecast what would happen or what could change in the upcoming days. For the time being, we are still trying to plan and organize events for you in order to make the best of your stay in Bern. Whe thus recommend to visit the website or other communication platforms of ESN regularly for further updates.

For this semester the Language Café will take place on the following days:


The link to the mandatory registration will follow. A maximum of 13 people can attend the event.

By submitting your registration, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Covid cantonal and state measures will be strictly followed. Any further policy from the ESN organizers will be applied.
  2. Covid spreading will be kept under control. In any case of alarm, contact the responsible ESN organizers. You will be informed or contacted by them vice-versa.
  3. Should you not be able to attend at the event (despite your registration), inform the event organizer as soon as possible and at least 24h before the event starts.
  4. Should you feel sick or have any symptoms that might be related to Covid, cancel your participation. Staying safe has priority.


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