You're looking for a shared flat or a room in Bern? There are several things to take into account. Most of the available rooms will be announced two or three month before you can move in. It's worth it to follow the main websites regularly and react fast in case you are interested. Especially in the beginning of the semester, the demand for shared flats is high. So be prepared to have competitors.

There are several web portals with room offers. If you're looking for a room in a shared flat or looking for a whole flat to rent in Bern, is the website to visit! Furthermore, you can rent your room to other people. Another website where rooms and flats are being offered is Ron Orp's Bern. You can also switch you room with an exchange student visiting your homecountry by using Housing Anywhere. The student organisation VBSL provides low priced apartments in the city of Bern. You may choose from a wide variety of housing possibilities. We offer different furnished single and double rooms, studios and unfurnished apartments in different places in Berne. If nothing else helps, you can try to find a room by checking the different university buildings or ask at the international office.

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