ESN Bern consists of around 30 volunteers, who try to make the stay of the incoming students in the canton of Bern as unforgettable as possible. We offer a variety of services, such as a buddy system, many different cultural events, adventurous trips, parties and the language café. These activities should help exchange students to get to know the universities better as well as the city of Bern, the whole country of Switzerland andlast but not least to get in touch with locals. ESN Bern unites the University, the University of Applied Sciences and the College of Education of Bern.

We are directly subventionned by the Bernese institutions of higher education. ESN Bern collaborates with different companies. They provide us financial and material support, so we can offer affordable events for incoming student.

This is us.

Name: Victoria
Role: President

Name: Simona
Role: Vice President

Name: Nils
Role: Event Manager

Name: Christos
Role: Treasurer

Name: Luana
Role: Communication Manager

Name: Eline
Role: Local Representative

Name: Alicia
Role: Buddy System Manager

Name: Ben
Role: HR and Well-Being Manager

And of course, many other awesome active team members who are organizing all the events for you. 

Name: Anand
Role: PR and Partnership Manager