List of useful contacts


Administrative and practical issues

ESN Bern: 

ESN President: (for confidential information) 

Local Representative:

Buddy System Website:, Email: 

UNIBE International Office tration/vice_rectorate_development/unibe_international/index_eng.html
Mail:, Tel: +41 31 684 41 75 

BFH International Relations Office 

Mail:, Tel: +41 31 848 40 46 

PH International Office 

Mail :, Tel : +31 309 21 25 

Migration office for the city of Bern Tel: +41 31 321 53 00 

Mental-health, harassment, personal counsel 

Universities of Bern Counselling Centre: 

Tel.: 031 635 24 35 

They support students in a number of matters, among others also in cases of sexual  harassment. 

Direct contact in case of sexual harassment: Mirjam Zeiter (Mail:

They are usually very busy. In an urgent case it is recommended that the student  outlines their situation and makes it clear that it is an urgent matter, so their situation  can be dealt with quickly. 

Office for Gender Equality of the University of Bern: rat_qualitaet/abteilung_fuer_chancengleichheit/index_ger.html#pane99306 A student at the University of Bern who has been sexually harassed can contact them  and get advised about how to proceed. 

Guidelines on how to act in case of sexual harassment: dex_eng.html 

SUB’s Legal Advice Service for students: Help in case of sexual harassment: information/help-in-case-of-sexual-harassment-160.html (with more useful links) 

Specialists and counseling centers for racism cases 

UNIBE Webpage: ctful_and_inclusive_study_and_work_environment/racism/index_eng.html (with  several useful contacts) 

Bernese legal advice center for people in need (in German or French): 

Network of counseling centers for victims of racism (in German, French or Italian): 

Service for Migration and Racism of the City of Bern (in German): https://network, Tel: +31 321 72 00