It's time to celebrate the berner carnival.

ESN Bern invite you to come to a pre-drink at the SUB-Haus (
Lerchenweg 32, 3012 Bern) at 20:00. We are gonna have some beer, wine and snacks for you. But you can take your own drinks to share with the others. We are gonna play some games and share good time. PLEASE eat something before coming, is gonna be a very long night.

Around 23h we are gonna move to the city to party with the berneses. The party is for free at the street and very cool, but if you want, you can go to the pay parties all around the city center.

Don't forget you can always join the parades by your own from Thursday till Saturday.

Let's rock with a commun disguise: type #jigsawmakeup on instagram to see our look. We are gonna provide some make up, but take some things, if you already have. Be aware we still in winter, so take warm engouh clothes!

See you there!
29/02/2020 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.