Are you interested in learning languages? Are you curious about other cultures? For the first time the two main events focused on languages discovery would be merged for this evening.

*ESN Tandem Evening*
Find someone who wants to learn your language and that speaks the language you want to learn. In regular meetings both of you can improve the langue skills in the language they want to learn and through the discussions get to know more about the other person's cultures and mentality.

Were we able to spark interest? Join in our tandem-evening.

*ESN Language Café*
At ESN Language Café in Bern, motivated language learner meet up in a casual atmosphere to make use of their language skills and improve mainly their oral conversation. On the other hand, some native or professional speakers voluntarily join us as moderators of the language tables in order to support the learners. It's a good opportunity to have a drink and meet new people from different parts of the world. The only rule is: You have to talk in the language that is indicated on your current table


UniBe, Hauptgebäude, Room 215
Snacks and drinks will be offered by ESN Bern.

26/02/2020 - 19:00
  • Everyone is invited.